About MCSC

Mykel C Smith Creative is a brand experience company utilizing every available outlet to provide a one-of-a-kind creative experience; thereby transforming our clients into benefactors of the arts. Mykel C Smith has been in the business for 20 years as an event producer, celebrity stylist, casting director, event planner and creative director. Recently, he broadened his brand and his reputation as a “go to” creative resource, to include mentoring up-and coming creative partners.

What we do

To broaden it’s services, MCSC has partnered up with European company Brand Experience, based in a city near Amsterdam. With Patrick Edens (CEO and Art director) at the head of the company, Brand Experience offers a complete package for creating a fresh and innovative digital experiences.

Our work

MCSC has collaborated with such brands as Cedella Marley Designs, Coca-Cola and most recently Handl Phone Case and luxury Hong Kong shoe brand Top Owens Collection. The creative company is continuing to expand internationally as it is presently being sought after to collaborate with European Brands that need that creative punch to compete with today’s market.

Our work

Says Smith, “I just love creativity, but I realize it has to blend with the discipline of business in order to be a win-win situation. Cooperation is key to winning, and when everyone is on the same page, the results are wonderful. We examine the global view of each client, and blend our concepts with their ideas. Thus doing, we elevate the brand.”

“Where there is no VISION,
the people perish…”